Glenfeargach Services Ltd

Software Development

We have been providing bespoke software for clients over a number of years, from small utilities to major relational databases. As a user and specifier of Customer Relationship Management software, we have acquired a particular expertise in this area, developing our first system some 15 years ago. The core system, DataPulse has been customised for a number of clients, offering contact management, supplier and product management, order tracking and stock control. Automatic processing of on-line orders has also been integrated.

From the DataPulse project came PostRoom, a programme for the automatic receipt of e-mails. This programme checks an e-mail server for specifically identified e-mails, pulls them from the server, parses the content into a database, and sends an acknowledgement to the sender; all automatically.

Other, smaller, "standard" programmes available are:

Another area where considerable expertise has evolved is in the provision of add-on software for Chemical Analysis Instrument Data Handling. Covering Chromatography and Spectroscopy, software has been developed for result storage in databases and specialist control systems, including:

From our Web design and hosting side we have developed a range of scripts to help drive Websites. Most, of course, are designed for a specific purpose and Web page interaction. One which is very generic is our Survey Engine. It can be added to any site to allow a survey or questionnaire to gather responses to questions and send the results to an e-mail account. The Survey Engine is available free of charge; contact us via our contact page for details.

For a quote for any of the above "standard" systems, or for an idea of cost for a package written to your own specification, send your request in an .