Glenfeargach Services Ltd

Software Development

We have been providing bespoke software for clients over a number of years, from small utilities to major relational databases. As a user and specifier of Customer Relationship Management software, we have acquired a particular expertise in this area, developing our first system some 15 years ago. The core system, DataPulse has been customised for a number of clients, offering contact management, supplier and product management, order tracking and stock control. Automatic processing of on-line orders has also been integrated.

From the DataPulse project came PostRoom, a programme for the automatic receipt of e-mails. This programme checks an e-mail server for specifically identified e-mails, pulls them from the server, parses the content into a database, and sends an acknowledgement to the sender; all automatically.

Other, smaller, "standard" programmes available are:

  • CD Presenter - a customisable front end for Autorun CDs. Gives attractive access to a CD's contents without the need for programming.
  • MercuryFax - a programme that will automatically accept an incoming fax and then forward it to a specified e-mail address.
  • Magic Lantern - a system to catalogue and display pictures held on disk. Pictures may be categorised and searched on keywords, and custom "shows" developed. Particularly useful for distributing picture sets on CD.
  • Mercury-e - a system for bulk e-mailing from a contact database.
  • Property Manager - a property database for solicitors/estate agents that can also automatically generate and upload property pages for a Web site.
  • Family Tree - a software allowing the user to build a family tree. With a database behind it, details of each person can be held together with electronic copies of documents, photographs and images.

Another area where considerable expertise has evolved is in the provision of add-on software for Chemical Analysis Instrument Data Handling. Covering Chromatography and Spectroscopy, software has been developed for result storage in databases and specialist control systems, including:

  • Varian Star Utilities - a selection of utilities for Varian's Star Chromatography Workstation software
  • Galaxie/CompassCDS Plug-ins and Utilities - many of the plug-ins used by Varian in the past, and now Bruker and Agilent, were written by us
  • VistaBase - a database for results from the Vista ICP
  • VistaTRS - display Vista Time Resolved Spectroscopy files as chromatograms
  • ADL systems - specialised programmes for the Cary UV-Visible and Fluorescence spectrophotometers

From our Web design and hosting side we have developed a range of scripts to help drive Websites. Most, of course, are designed for a specific purpose and Web page interaction. One which is very generic is our Survey Engine. It can be added to any site to allow a survey or questionnaire to gather responses to questions and send the results to an e-mail account. The Survey Engine is available free of charge; contact us via our contact page for details.

For a quote for any of the above "standard" systems, or for an idea of cost for a package written to your own specification, send your request in an .

From a small CD utility to a full Customer Relationship Management system (CRM), no project is too big or too small